Setup - How it works

Using cash envelopes is one way people try to control their money.  Unfortunately with digital payments and online shopping, cash just isn’t as practical as it used to be.

That’s why credit cards are so great.  They are convenient and easy to use and on top of that, credit card companies give us rewards just for using them.  The trouble is, many people more than pay for those rewards with interest, fees and debt.

That’s why we created Defend Your Money.

Defend your Money helps you earn rewards and build credit but, like using cash, it protects you paying fees, interest and slipping into debt.

Here’s how it works:  Defend Your Money automatically uploads your bank balances and credit card charges into the app.  Then, you decide which of your accounts will cover each of your credit card charges. As you do so, the app calculates how much money you still have available to spend.  

In a sense, Defend Your Money turns your bank accounts into digital cash envelopes.  

You can use just one or two “digital envelopes” or use the app to help you organize your money in multiple accounts.

At the end of each month, Defend Your Money calculates a simple transfer list, to move the money you’ve spent into a dedicated Credit Card Payoff account.  All you need to do is make a few transfers and you never have to worry about credit card payments again.  

No matter how many accounts you have, or how many credit cards, Defend Your Money merges them together in one app giving you total control of your money.