Connect to the Defend Your Money System

Once your bank accounts and credit cards are linked to the app, you can then connect them to the Defend Your Money System.

First drag and drop your main checking account as your “Monthly Bills Checking.”  

If you have a secondary checking account, you may use it as your “Everyday Checking.”  But if not, you don’t need to worry about this now.

Next drag and drop your savings accounts. 

If you have multiple savings accounts you can add those as well.

Be sure to label all of your accounts on the app and at your bank for easy identification.

Now connect your credit cards.  

You can add as many credit cards as you wish.  Remember to label credit cards as you add them.

To go along with your credit cards, you will also need a Credit Card Payoff Account.  

We’ll talk more about this account and all of the accounts in later videos, but for now, you are ready to defend your money.

We encourage you to watch our other tutorial videos for next steps and more information.