Savings Accounts

With your bills and everyday expenses taken care of, now let’s talk about what to do with the rest of your money.

We recommend using savings accounts to save and pay for any expenses that vary from month to month.  For example clothing, vacations, home improvement etc. 

When you first set up the Defend Your Money system, most of you will have connected one savings account to the system. 

Starting out, we recommend putting the rest of your money into this account.  

Throughout the next month, assign any charges that are not bills or everyday expenses to this savings account.

As your money comes in, try to set aside as much money as you can into this account.

You’ll be surprised at how motivating it is to see this money grow, and how having it separated out makes you more conscious and deliberate about how you spend it.  

Once you are comfortable with how the Defend Your money system works and you are putting aside money in your Savings Account each month, you can customize the system by opening additional savings accounts if you’d like to. 

Watch our video on Customizing the Defend Your Money system to learn more.

In the next video, we’ll talk about the last account we recommend having which makes organizing your money a breeze.