Set up your bank accounts

Let’s quickly recap the 4 accounts you will need to begin organizing your money.

You will need 3 checking Accounts and 1 Savings Account.

First you’ll need an Income Deposit Account.

Next, a Monthly Bills Checking account and checks

Then you’ll need an Everyday Checking account and debit card.

Finally you will need a general saving account.

Also, as we explained before, to manage your credit cards, you will need a Credit Card Payoff Account.

So to manage your credit cards AND organize your money, you will need these 5 accounts.

Some of these accounts you may already have, others you will need to open. 

These days you can usually open new accounts online in just a few minutes.

If, however, you are at a traditional bank or credit union you may need to personally go in to open your new accounts.  

Be sure to watch out for any fees or minimum balance requirements.  

Whenever you open new accounts, remember to label them.  Then link and connect them to the Defend Your Money System.

Once you have your accounts open and connected, you are ready to Defend Your Money!