Organize your money - How it works

Now I’d like to talk to you about how Defend Your Money can also help you organize your money.

Money is complicated.  You have money coming in, and money going out.  You have bills to pay. Some come due each month, others you pay just once a year.  Then you have your expenses. Some are consistent month after month, and others hit you all at once. 

If you are trying to manage all of this using one or two bank accounts it can be really messy.

That’s why, along with managing your credit cards, Defend Your Money can also help you ORGANIZE your money.

This is how it works:

Defend Your Money takes the money you have, and then separates it in different bank accounts based on how you plan to use it. 

It keeps the money you need for bills, from getting mixed up with the money you want for your vacations, or the money you need to put food on your table.  

You see, when you physically separate your money, you won’t accidentally eat your vacation, or find yourself wearing next month’s rent.  

The best part is, Defend your money isn’t a plan on a piece of paper, spreadsheet or a budgeting app.  

Defend Your Money, is actually your money.  Organized.

In the next videos we will talk about the different accounts we recommend using as containers for organizing your money.