Everyday Checking

With the money you need for your bills safely tucked away in your Monthly Bills Checking account, it’s now time to find a place for the money you need for your everyday purchases.

For this, we recommend having an Everyday Checking account.

This account is for expenses such as groceries, household goods and gas for your car.

Again, you can go to the Organize page and create an account schedule to help you determine how much money to put into this account.

Because these amounts are estimates, it may take a few months and some adjustments to get this right.  

Each month, put just enough money into this account to cover your everyday purchases.

We recommend keeping this amount as small as possible because chances are, you will spend all or almost all of the money you put into this account.

To help you pace your everyday spending, go to the Dashboard.Here you’ll find your Everyday Checking bar.  This bar shows you approximately how much money you can spend each day to stay on track, and warns you if you are spending this money too quickly. 

Along with your credit cards, you will want to have and carry the debit card from your Everyday Checking for those times when a credit card is not accepted, or if you need to access a little cash.

Next let’s talk about how to use Savings Accounts in the Defend Your Money system.