Transfer your money

At the end of every month, Defend Your Money calculates a transfer list for you.  

These transfers move the money you’ve assigned, from your various checking and savings accounts into your Credit Card Payoff Account.  

Hover over the calculators to see the Transfer calculations.

Please note that you need to personally make the listed transfers.

Defend Your Money does not make the transfers for you.

Be sure to check off the boxes as you make each transfer, so the app knows they are completed. 

On the right side of this page you can see a comparison of your bank balances and your DYM (or available balances).

As you can see, making your transfers syncs your bank balances to your DYM balances.

Hover here to see these calculations.

Once you’ve made all of your transfers, the money needed to make your credit card payments is now sitting in your Credit Card Payoff Account.  It might even earn a little interest while it waits to make your payments.

Think of it, instead of paying interest on your credit card, with Defend Your Money you can actually earn a little interest on money you’ve already spent!!