Assign your charges

With your credit cards linked to the app, all of your charges will automatically be imported onto the Credit Card page.

Here, you will  indicate which of your accounts will cover each of your credit card charges.  To do so, simply drag and drop a charge into the appropriate account.

As you assign your charges, the app calculates how much money you still have available.  We call these available balances, your DYM balances.  

Click on the small triangle at the far right of the “Total Assigned” line to see a full list of the charges you have assigned to an account.

You can reverse out an assigned charge if necessary by clicking the reverse arrow next to an assigned charge.

Click “Edit Charges” to edit the description of a charge.

Click the split icon to split a charge and assign it to one or more accounts

Click the trash can icon to delete a charge. 

You will always need to delete your credit card payments, because they don’t need to be assigned.  

As you assign your charges the app also calculates how much you will transfer into your Credit Card Payoff Account at the end of the month.  We’ll talk more about this in the next video.