It's this easy

Nothing is as easy as doing nothing,  but this comes pretty close.


All of your income is collected in your Income Deposit Account.


Your income is organized in separate accounts based on how you plan to use it.  Lists of bills and savings goals help determine how much should be allocated into each of your accounts.


One or more credit cards can be now be safely used to make your purchases.  Your charges automatically upload into the app.


Each credit card charge is assigned to the account that will cover it.  The app then calculates how much money you still have available to spend.


Just a few quick transfers organizes your new income and moves the money you've spent into your Credit Card Payoff Account.  

Unlock the power of your bank or credit union

30-day free trial.  No payment information required.

After trial, billed at $5.99/month or $65.89/year.