Defend Your Money manages all of your credit cards in one place

Billed monthly at $5.99

Use credit cards to spend your money.


Automatically imports your bank balances and credit card charges. 

Simply drag and drop to indicate which of your accounts will cover each of your charges.

Continuously calculates how much money you still have available to spend.

Creates a list of monthly transfers to move the money you've spent into a dedicated Credit Card Payoff Account.

Simply make the listed transfers, and you never have to worry about making, or missing your credit card payments.

It's just that easy.

Defend Your Money organizes your money in separate bank accounts

Billed monthly at $5.99

Collect your income in a dedicated Income Deposit Account.

Gets you ahead of your money.


Once a month, or as needed, allocate your income into your other checking and savings accounts based on how you plan to use it.

Account Schedules help you determine how much to allocate into your accounts.

Create lists of bills, estimates or savings goals for each of your accounts.

Calculates how much money you need to allocate  into your separate accounts every month.

Creates one simple transfer list.

Make the listed transfers.  Now your money is organized AND your credit card payments are covered.

Taking control of your money has never been so easy.

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Billed monthly at $5.99