Ever wondered how your neighbors spend and save their money?


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Age:  28

Interests:   Reading and travel


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*Below are screenshots from the Defend Your Money app.


How I spend my money


About a weeks worth of credit card charges


I use the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card for my discretionary spending.


I use a Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card to pay my bills. 


I travel a lot with my work, but I like having money set aside for my personal travels as well.  I get triple points on all my travel expenses.


It's nice having this money set aside so it is there when I need it.


How I save my money


This is where I keep the money I'm saving for large upcoming expenses.


My monthly retirement contributions:




Estimated value of my investments at retirement:


How I organize my money


I either invest this money or put it into an account that needs a little boost.


I'm self employed and my income varies.  But after taxes, I generally make just over $4,000 each month.


Separating money into different accounts is the easiest way I've found to manage my finances.  I don't know why more people don't do this. 


Defend Your Money gives me more control over where my cash is going  and puts me in the driver's seat.  I love it!

My money tip:  The best time to invest is as soon as you have a little extra money.  And the only way to have a little extra money, is to plan for it.  So MAKE A PLAN!!