Merges your credit card charges with your bank account balances 

Turn your bank accounts into digital cash envelopes

All the benefits of cash envelopes, without the hassle of cash or envelopes!

  • Deposit your income into one account

  • Then organize your income in separate accounts based on how you plan to use it

  • Set money aside for bills

  • Take control of your spending

  • Save up for the things you want

  • Easily see how much you have and what it's for

Turn your credit cards into debit cards

Build credit and earn rewards, without the fear of slipping into debt.

  • Uploads your charges

  • Simply decide which account will pay for each charge

  • Continuously calculates how much money you still have available to spend

  • Keeps your spending on track

  • Your credit card payments are always covered

Marilyn Ference is the Founder and President of Defend Your Money.  She and her husband Dave are the parents of three children and live in Salt Lake City, Utah with their dog Otto.  She is a graduate of the Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.  Marilyn is passionate about defending money and has been working on perfecting this simple budgeting system for over 10 years. 

MC Vincent is the Marketing Director of Defend Your Money.  She most recently worked for Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine and also graduated from the University of Utah in Psychology. She and her husband, Jeff, are the parents of four children and live in Salt Lake City.

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Calculates how much money you have available

Paces your day-to-day spending

Credit Card


Manages all of your credit cards in one place

Protects you from slipping into debt



Creates lists of bills and savings goals

Organizes your money based on how you plan to use it



Calculates your list of monthly transfers 

Keeps your money organized and your credit card payments covered 


Organizes the money currently in your bank accounts.  Money you've already earned.


Merges your bank balances with your credit card charges calculating how much you still have available to spend.

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Designed to be quick, easy and sustainable. Your money practically manages itself.