Show Me The Money!

Take a peek into the financial lives of a few of our users.

How Marie (25) spends and saves her family's


monthly take-home pay

Housing and Utilities



Groceries and household goods









Health Insurance and expenses












Home Improvement



Saving for downpayment on a house



Roth IRA contributions



How we save our money


Monthly after-tax retirement contribution

(Roth IRA)




Monthly savings contribution




Current market value of investments




Savings Account




How we spend our money


*This is about a weeks worth of credit card spending.


With our AMEX  Cash Preferred card, 

we earn 6% cash back at grocery stores.


We pay as many bills as we can using our Citi Double Cash credit card.


Our Citi credit card offers 2% cash back on all purchases.  


We like going out to eat.  DYM makes it easy to set aside money for the things we love.


We earn 3% cash back at gas stations with our AMEX card.


We are expecting a baby! We needed a lot of things.


Using both of our credit cards, we earn about $505 in credit card rewards each year.


How we save our money


Our monthly retirement contribution:




Estimated value of our investments at retirement:


How we organize our money


We keep this balance at about  $600 to cover our deductible


Saving up for our first house


We earn 1.6% in interest on the money in our savings accounts at Ally bank.  This adds up to about $300 each year.


We bring home about $5,000 each month, then organize it in our other accounts as shown here.


The app helps us keep track of our bills.


Defend Your Money is helping us save for retirement, build credit and maximize our credit card rewards.  The best part is that it takes us less than 30 minutes a month.

To pay it forward we've agreed to share our financial life with you.  We hope it shows that with just a little bit of planning you too can begin towards working towards your financial dreams.

A money tip:  "Compound Interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… He who doesn’t, pays it…”    

- Albert Einstein