Ever wondered how your neighbors spend and save their money?


*Names (and doors) have been changed to protect the identity of our users. 


 Ann and Jim


Ages: 42 and 42

Interests: Running, reading, our 3 children and their activities


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*Below are screenshots from the Defend Your Money app.


How we spend our money


A couple weeks of credit card spending


We use our Capital One Quicksilver card and earn 1.5% cash back on our purchases. 


We only pay a few of our bills with our credit card.  Most come directly out of our Monthly Bills Checking.


It's the holidays, so this is a little higher than usual.


We love knowing our credit card bill is covered.  We have it automatically paid out of our Credit Card Payoff Account each month, so we never have to stress about it.  It is wonderful!


How we save our money


About 3 month's worth of necessary bills and expenses. 


This comes out of our paycheck automatically. It's fun to see it grow.  We  only wish we had started saving earlier.


Total monthly retirement contribution:




Estimated value of our investments at retirement:


How we organize our money


Our monthly take home pay is $7,442.  


We use this Account Schedule to help us know how much to put into our Monthly Bills Checking account.


We are pretty good with money, but we never felt like we were getting ahead.  No matter how much we made, it was gone by the end of the month.  We tried budgeting, but it never worked.

We used to get blindsided by our credit card bill every month.  Now, all month long, we are both able to watch the app to see how much money we have left to spend.  It's amazing how being just a little more aware has helped us save a lot of money.

Our advice:  Toss the budget ... Defend Your Money!