Let us help you

While defending your money is easy, getting started can be a little tricky.  Over the years we've helped many people Defend Their  Money and change their financial futures forever.  We're confident we can help you as well.​​

Get started


For people ready to learn and get started with the Defend Your Money system and app.  Couples should both attend this online consultation.

  • Fully explain the Defend Your Money system

  • Answer any questions or concerns you might have

  • Advice on how to set up the system at your own bank or credit union

  • Assist you in the app on-boarding process

  • Follow up to ensure you are able to start Defending Your Money

Keep going


For current Defend Your Money subscribers who need a little more help and someone to keep them on track.

  • Answer questions and provide additional assistance

  • Establish plans to meet your financial goals

  • Follow up to ensure you are sticking to your goals