Everyone wants you to spend.



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Financial Wellness education


Let us teach you how to take control of your money using the Defend Your Money app.  

We will discuss:

  • How to safely use a credit card so you can earn rewards and build your credit.

  • How to organize your money

  • How you can keep your money from leaking out of your bank

  • A proven method to stay ahead of your money

  • Pacing your everyday spending

  • Saving for big bills and purchases 

  • The importance of an emergency fund

  • How saving early for retirement can make a huge difference

**We do NOT offer investment advice.


$25 |  Personalized Consultation 

For individuals or couples.

$ FREE | Group Presentations 

For groups of 4, individuals or couples.


$40 |  Personalized financial coaching

If needed, we can also help you:

  • set up your bank accounts

  • learn how to use the DYM app

  • adapt the DYM system to meet more complex financial situations

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