How it works

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Money is complicated.  It’s always coming and going.  Add bills, spending, more spending and credit cards, and it’s impossible to know how much money you really have.


That’s why we developed Defend Your Money. Defend Your Money is a simple system that physically organizes your money in separate bank accounts and then tracks your available balances, so you always know how much you have left to spend.


This is how you do it.  You use separate bank accounts as containers for organizing your money. A dedicated checking account for collecting your income.  A checking account for paying your bills, another for your basic spending, and one or more savings accounts to help you save up for everything else.


While this many seem like a lot of accounts, it’s these separate  accounts that make Defend Your Money easier, quicker and better than a budget.

Collecting your money in a separate account gives you a chance to set aside money for bills and then consciously decide how you will spend the rest of your money.


You see, when you physically separate your money, you won’t accidentally eat your vacation, or find yourself wearing next month’s rent.  


Once your money is safely organized you can begin to spend it.  The good news is, you can use credit cards and earn rewards while you do it.

This is how it works.  All month long, Defend Your Money uploads your bank balances and credit card charges into the app.  All you need to do is decide which of your accounts will cover each of your charges.

As you do so, Defend Your Money merges your bank balances with your credit card charges and calculates how much money you still have left to spend.   No more hoping, guessing, or wondering how much money you have available.  With Defend Your Money you always know.


Then at the end of each month, or when you have new income to organize, simply move the money you’ve spent into a dedicated Credit Card Payoff Account.  Then organize your new income.  With just a few quick transfers, your credit card payments are covered 

and your new money is organized and ready to go.


Organizing your money in separate bank accounts and then tracking your available balances are the keys to this simple system.  And the Defend Your Money app makes it all so easy.  It guides you step by step as you move your money through the system.  It helps you decide, with lists of bills and savings goals, how to organize your money.  But most of all, it gives you the peace and confidence of always knowing how much money you have and what it’s for.

Say goodbye to financial stress and worry.  It’s time to Defend Your Money.