Johnson Family


Age: Max 44, Jennifer 41, Kaden 15, Scarlett 10

Interests: Soccer, piano, guitar, basketball, cooking  and working on cars 


Credit Card(s) of choice: Citi Costco anywhere


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Credit Union of choice: Mountain America



How we organize our money


We allocate about $2,000 for monthly spending.

We make a little over $7,000 a month








Saving for major life events








How we save our money


Total saved for our kids




DYM helps us set aside money for our childrens' education  and wedding fund.


If we continue contributing at our current rate, we will have over $61,000  when Kaden goes to college at 18.


How We Spend


We love earning the Costco rewards with our Citi credit card.


Haven't spent anything yet, but we save a little bit each month for Christmas. It's our favorite holiday!