Ever wondered how your neighbors spend their money?

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Age: 28

Interests: Finance, coffee, traveling


Credit Cards:


Chase Sapphire Reserve 

Chase Southwest




Ally Bank


Retirement and Investments: 


American Funds

Charles Schwab

Grandeur Peak Global


How We Organize Our Money


We organize about

$5,000 each month.


We try to keep this balance at $600


We try to keep this balance at $300


















Saving up for our first house




We keep most of our money in savings accounts at Ally Bank.

We earn 1.7% in interest on our savings. About ~$204 each year.


How we spend our money


With our AMEX card, 

we earn 6% cash back at grocery stores.


We pay as many bills as we can using our Citi credit card.


Our Citi credit card offers 2% cash back on all purchases.  


We like going out to eat.  DYM makes it easy to set aside money for the things we love.


We earn 3% cash back at gas stations with our AMEX card.


We are expecting a baby! We needed a lot of things...


We like having this account for things that don't fit elsewhere.


DYM keeps track of our credit card spending so it's easy to maximize our rewards.

We earn about $505 in credit card rewards each year.



How we save our money


Total retirement and investments: 


Using DYM helps us set aside money for retirement each month.  




If we continue contributing, and our investments grow at their current rate, we will have over $4 MILLION  when we retire.


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