Simplify your finances

So you can focus on what matters most


Takes less than twenty minutes each month


No more spreadsheets or crunching numbers

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Your money practically manages itself

Organize your income

  • Collect your income in one account

  • Allocate your money into separate accounts based on how you plan to use it

  • Easily see where your money is and what it's for

Manage your credit cards

  • Automatically uploads your bank balances and credit card charges

  • Credit card charges can be assigned to any one of your accounts

  • Calculates how much money you have available to spend

Why Defend Your Money?

Optimized for Mobile and Web

At home or on the go, you can use our system from anywhere.


World-Class Customer Support 

Have a question related to banks, credit cards or our system? We've got you covered.

Our Community

Share tips and tricks. The best advice comes from experience, and our users have a lot!

Real-Time Balances

Stop guessing how much you have available to spend. We keep track, so you don't have to.

Your security is our highest priority

We spare no expense ensuring your data is safe and secure

  • Our app was developed right here in the USA

  • We use the highest bank-level encryption standards

  • All information obtained is in a read-only format  

  • No one can move or access your money through the app

See what our users are saying

I want to sincerely thank you for helping me get my money life in order. To not be afraid of money, to feel in control of my money, to actually want to talk about my money - Amazing! Thank you


Sally M. 

I’m loving Defend Your Money! I’ve actually found myself looking forward to the times when I get to work on it. It’s way less work than what I’ve done in the past and I feel like I’m more organized.  Thank you! 

Melissa S. 

Defend Your Money has actually made organizing my money a positive experience! Using the app, I can track my spending, assign credit card charges and save for future expenses. Worth every penny!

Emily R. 

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