Simplify your finances

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Real money

Organizes the money currently in your bank accounts.  Money you've already earned.

Real time

Merges your bank balances with your credit card charges calculating how much you still have available to spend.

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Real results

Designed to be quick, easy and sustainable. Your money practically manages itself.

Turns your bank accounts into digital cash envelopes

All the benefits of cash envelopes, without the hassle of cash or envelopes!

  • Deposit your income into one account

  • Then organize your income in separate accounts based on how you plan to use it

  • Set money aside for bills

  • Take control of your spending

  • Save up for the things you want

  • Easily see how much you have and what it's for

Turns your credit cards into debit cards

Build credit and earn rewards, without the fear of slipping into debt.

  • Uploads your charges

  • Simply decide which account will pay for each charge

  • Continuously calculates how much money you still have available to spend

  • Keeps your spending on track

  • Your credit card payments are always covered

Why Defend Your Money?

Easier than a budget

No more complicated spreadsheets and endless categories.

Quicker than a budget

Once set up, it only takes about 20 minutes each month.

Sustainable - unlike a budget

Specifically designed to keep you going month after month.

Better than a budget


On the web and on your phone.

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Your security is our highest priority

We spare no expense in ensuring your data is safe and secure.

  • Our app was developed right here in the USA

  • We maintain the highest bank-level encryption standards

  • All information obtained is in a read-only format  

  • No one can use the app to move or access your money 

  • For additional information read our privacy and security policies

Unlock the power of your bank or credit union

30-day free trial.  No payment information required.

After trial, billed at $5.99/month or $65.89/year.